Before you begin a personal development plan you must have an idea of what it is that you want to achieve – this information will come from analysing all your data collection. It is important the targets (goals) are set. This will give you something to work towards and focus on. They also help motivation and monitor progress.

Setting targets that are achievable will inspire you to do better and see if your personal development programme is helping you improve.

Targets should be S.M.A.R.T.

Specific to the individual, the activity and the development need. Targets should
not be vague. Eg. “I want be fitter” They should be clear and precise.
Measurable so improvement can be monitored and you know when goals have been achieved.
Agreed by teacher or coach. Therefore fully supported by someone with knowledge and experience.
Realistic so that you know you are able to achieve some improvement. Keeps motivation.
Timed – you should aim to achieve something in a set time period or for a certain performance. Make sure it has an end point. Short term leading to long term.
Exciting – make sure goals are rewarding and enjoyable.
Recorded – keep track of your performance, allowing for comparisons and long term monitoring.

Long Term Targets/Goals

This target will focus on an end goal for example leading up to a competition or performance.
Andy Murray’s target may be to win the Wimbledon Championship for a 2nd time
Your target may be “To get to the final of my school’s Table Tennis competition”

In order to achieve this Long Term Target you may need to have some smaller goals.

Short Term Targets

Short Term targets might be to achieve something in a particular practice or session, or month, to build up to your final performance.
Andy Murray might have targeted improving his service in the lead up to the tournament as it is one of the
weaker aspects of his game.
He may also target the development of a more attacking style of play against opponents ranked higher than he is.

Short Term targets for a Table Tennis performance may be;
  • To improve my top spin forehand shot.
  • To develop a slice and a top spin serve with more disguise